“I was looking for a coach to help me with my professional business development. I have always been shy and uncertain in front of large groups of people, and no amount of corporate training and book reading was helping the problem. At last, I was fortunate to find Brad Milne – a terrific, passionate, dedicated and patient teacher – who is helping me to discover what it really means to communicate effectively. My first business presentation under his coaching was very successful, and I am looking forward to learning more from Brad. This is the best investment I made in myself. I am on a very exciting journey to discovering my true potential. You should try it – you wont’ be able to go back to your old self.” Jenia S. Director at USAA, San Antonio, TX

“With Brad’s expertise we are successfully building and deploying a video library that helps us educate, brand, market, sell, recruit, train and update our customer base, field reps and dealers around the globe” Steve Villoira, CEO of MediaPOINTE, Newbury Park, CA

“What a great experience. Brad’s the real deal. Actors will definitely benefit from his coaching but anyone that makes presentations or speeches should be attending his workshops.” Mike Lambers, Producer/Writer, San Antonio, TX

“Our new on-camera spokesperson Brad Milne delivers our message perfectly, resulting in excellent phone-in leads for our sales team.” Light Silver, CEO, Tax Incorporated, Long Beach, CA

“We’re excited to be working with Brad as we expand the MediaPOINTE video library with updates and a planned slate of assorted infomercials, training and technical videos through 2010. Our overall response to the video series from venue owners, dealers, independent reps and customers has been outstanding.” Bill Warnick, MediaPOINTE Marketing Director, Newbury Park, CA

“I can’t praise for Brad enough and his teachings and techniques. As a professional working in this business for 25 years, in Mexico as well as the US, I’m always looking for improvement. But after so many years working in Radio, Voice Dubbing, TV and commercials, on and off camera, I felt as if something was missing, a sensitivity that I had when I started in theater back in 1982, and I was looking for a way to retrieve that, but I couldn’t. Now, it is said that when the student is ready, the Master appears. And boy did he appear! With Brad I have been able to reach deep down into my soul and find the essence that made me fall in love with acting and become an actor when I was very young, it was always there, but I needed someone with his amazing talent and expertise to see it and help me reach it and go places within myself I couldn’t have imagined. Brad, I can´t thank you enough buddy for helping me rediscover my “old self” and bring it back, a bit dusted and rusty but ready to learn and improve as it was 28 years ago. Thank you so much for reminding me that, in the end, deep inside, we are still kids who love to play pretend…even if we need to get a bit serious from time to time.” Alejandro Vargas Lugo, Actor, Voice Over Artist, San Antonio, TX

“I do not do things like this too often, as this business is one of many Sharks of many different species, but I can say that Brad is a stand up individual that can take a deal from start to finish. We have have a wonderful business relationship and Brad has been the key in the signing of our current contract together. If your looking for an individual that is not only honest, knowledgeable about his field, versed in the art of business negotiations then Brad is the person you want to work with. Kudos, Brad, I look forward to many other business dealings with you in the future.” Stan Weatherby III, iStreamLive.com

“Brad has been very effective in building business for OSXLand. He continues to be creative in his business ideas, and is always looking for new ways of generating business. He is the tireless entrepreneur who is sure to take on the most difficult challenges without fear. I would recommend Brad for any project requiring creative thinking and a ‘go getter’ attitude.” Aaron Judd, CEO – OSXLand, OnGo Networks & WebApplica, Los Angeles & San Diego, CA.

“Brad Milne is more than an acting coach; he is a life coach and a friend. From the moment he meets you, he believes in you and when you work with him, you can’t help but shine.” Rachel Pineda, Actress/Sports Television Professional, ESPN

“Brad is an energetic and insightful acting coach who is extremely challenging, yet supportive. Through an impressive array of techniques and exercises, he helps us meld the physical and the cerebral, so each actor can find his or her core and fearlessly embrace any role, with brio and authenticity.” June Griffin García, Actress, San Antonio, TX

“Brad Milne’s unique coaching style has provided my two children with valuable advanced acting techniques they can use for both audition and performance in film and theatre. His personal attention and professional guidance to train and enhance each of their individual acting styles has made a profound difference in their abilities as young actors. Their approach to new material, the audition process and performance on a film set has greatly improved since working with Brad. His passion for theatre training is inspiring and it is exciting to witness children and even adults thriving in such a motivated and caring environment.” Tracey Maurer, Producer, San Antonio, TX

“Brad Milne’s teaching method explores the limits of acting using the most simple way of approaching the scene and character. With his methods you will find a fast way of getting to the core of your character and scene. The energy that Brad provides in his class is excellent, he has a way of bringing that energy you need as an actor out of you, in a most unique and useful way. Working with him has been a pleasure and very fun. Learning from him is something that will stay with me for a very long time. Thank you Brad.” Trevor Tse, Actor, Toronto, ON

“Brad is amazing at what he does, which is acting, and helping other actors become better actors. I would highly recommend him to anybody serious with taking their acting careers to the next level. Best acting coach I’ve worked with!” Alex Poncio, Actor, San Antonio, TX

“Being inside the classroom with a handful of gifted actors, including Brad Milne himself, is like traveling to an entirely separate world. Nothing matters but the events that take place inside of you. Brad makes sure each actor goes home with something they didn’t bring with them.” Mason Schuler, Actor, San Antonio, TX

“Brad Milne’s passion for the art of acting makes him one of the most outstanding acting coaches in Texas! I heartily recommend his classes and feel we are most fortunate to have an acting coach of his caliber!” Diana Sneckner, Avant Agency, San Antonio, TX

“Brad Milne is one of the most dynamic teachers I’ve seen in my twenty years in the business” Prescillia Condra, Condra Artista Talent Agency, San Antonio, TX

“The greatest compliment I can give any actor is that he is a total professional both as an artist and as a salesmen of his talents. I rate Brad Milne at the top of the list in each category.” Vincent Chase, Vincent Chase Workshop, Hollywood, CA

“San Antonio, Texas–based actor Kristopher Thomas has taken workshops with local teachers Brad Milne and Nikki Young. He remembers one improvisation exercise with Milne in which students were asked to identify their first behavioral impulse and then do the exact opposite. Thomas’ character in the scene was having a fight with his girlfriend. Instead of blaming her, Thomas reversed course: He had the character blame himself. The exercise may sound as though it’s intended to curb an actor’s intuition, but Thomas found that it instead opened him to new possibilities. When “you do any activity and it becomes habit,” he says, “sometimes you can get into a repetitive nature and you don’t really explore anymore.” by By Mark Dundas Wood, source: http://www.backstage.com/

“Brad teaches a whole new level of acting and preparation that will make you want to go back, and when it is applied to your work people will not only notice but compliment. Thanks Brad, you helped me get a lead along with many other roles!” Susan Kocab, Actress, Phoenix, AZ

“Brad is one of the most consummate and professional actors I’ve worked with. His character focus is outstanding, it drives the movie.” Bob Carter, Writer-Director, “Dead in the Head”, Austin, TX

“Brad Milne opens your eyes to another insight in the acting industry. With his brilliant philosophy you will be able to comprehend more in-depth the real job as an actor. His method brings out the true nature of creating character which will help you land and understand roles in your life journey. His technique helps you prepare, bring energy, and build charisma from in-you to develop your own signature as an actor. Working with Brad was by far one of thee most fortunate and biggest turning points of my career. So if you have the same passion and a hunger for acting…let Brad open your mind.” Samuel Diaz Lopez, Toronto, ON

“The first thing the campers said to me was ‘you gotta use him next year’. I find your passion evident in your enthusiastic lessons and after the buzz from the campers.” Nichelle Rodriguez, Director, UCLA Actors Camp

“I don’t think I would have gotten any acting job without Brad’s training” Bob Perrill, Actor

“His tips and advice were wonderful.” “Outstanding!” Texas Nonprofit Theatres Annual Youth Conference

“On the toughest of days during the tightest of scheduling Brad was always there for us. He is a dedicated professional and tireless worker who always brought a stellar performance to the scene. I look forward to working with Brad on the next one. And the next.” Jay Lee, Writer-Director, “The Slaughter” and Sony Pictures “Zombie Strippers!

“Brad came in to do a cameo role and brought so much professionalism, he elevated the entire project. He’s our ace in the hole.” Dominic Ross, Director, R.E.M.

“I had one of those hunches about Brad, the same kind I had about Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. And sure enough he has worked like a demon and is coming through. Ready for big roles now.” Michael Shurtleff, Author of “Audition”

“Brad has played leads in four of five movies for us. His relentless dedication to the craft has turned him into one of our favorite character lead actors. We recently cast him in a sixth film.” Jalal Merhi, Film One