Enhancing Human Connectivity, Creativity, Precision and Execution Skills

COLLAB-I-CATION is an enriching seven-step training program for professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs, practically anyone. Experience compelling intelligence and exercises in acting and human connectivity that significantly elevate interpersonal communications ability in one-on-one, group, public speaking, or entertainment engagements. The coaching in these hands on workshops provides a significant leap in the ability to connect, create, and execute more effectively through a unique application of powerful exercises. These exercises foster growth in becoming more proactive, in-the-moment, intuitive, creative and think-on-our-feet individuals. Participants delve into practices of building presence, verbal and non-verbal communication, intelligently challenging improvisation and on-the-spot intragroup dynamics and performance scenarios. The results consistently produce much improved, highly effective interpersonal and group communication skills and ultimately heightened success in a task. Learn to generate authenticity while being creative with an enticing personal presence and engaging your audience while leaving a lasting impression that has them following your call to action.

Clips from the 12/10/11 Collabication Event

Price: $195.00

Clips from a Collabication Workshop

Intensive Experience

Workshop Exercises Include:
-> Energy gathering to help develop personal presence
-> Vocal work to improve peer to peer communication
-> Movement technique improve physical confidence
-> Improvisation to help improve spontaneity
-> Story telling
-> Working scripted material to improve communications clarity
-> Performance scenarios improving call to action response

Beverages and healthy snacks included.
Multiple short breaks and a 30-minute light lunch.

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